November 13, 2012

Street Photography with Brian Tramontana

Brian Tramontana and William Henderson of Hold the Eye Images led a street photography workshop which was both challenging and fun.  It all started well and went to great.  What worked:
  • D600 is easy to handle.  Dynamic range is amazing.  Which makes it tolerant to my exposure mistakes.
  • 35-70 f2.8 zoom lens is nice.  Right focus range for street candids, sharp enough when focus is in the right place.  Need a hood though, flair is a problem in direct sun.
  • Aperture-priority mode for a change.  Just set the -1 compensation to avoid blow outs.
  • Shooting from the hip.  With the camera on my neck I can talk on the phone and use thumb to shoot "from the hip".
  • Sit (or stand) and they will come.  I picked a location with good light (dark background and a spot of sun in front of it) and just stood there.  Worked well.