December 2, 2012

Study in Dishes. New Flash Mount.

A new mount cost me $2.37 in parts from a big box store.  All the thumb screws were reused from the original mount.  New mount designs allows for shallow and deep insertion of the flash into the dish.  Shallow is still deeper than the original mount allowed for.  This does not help the quality of the light much though.  On the other hand deep insertion position (flash just about 1".5" from the internal reflector) creates a nice focused light pattern which I love.  Installation of the grid results in a smaller light spot yet.  Diffusing sock softens the light as expected.

It became apparent that the nut embedded into the dish (and used to attach the dish to the mount)  is a weak point of the entire mount - it is already loose which results in the dish wobble even when the nut is fully tight.  To prevent this I used a nylon washer from the original parts set.  I increased the washer's internal diameter to ensure it exerts the pressure on the dish and not on the nut.

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