November 13, 2012

Street Photography with Brian Tramontana

Brian Tramontana and William Henderson of Hold the Eye Images led a street photography workshop which was both challenging and fun.  It all started well and went to great.  What worked:
  • D600 is easy to handle.  Dynamic range is amazing.  Which makes it tolerant to my exposure mistakes.
  • 35-70 f2.8 zoom lens is nice.  Right focus range for street candids, sharp enough when focus is in the right place.  Need a hood though, flair is a problem in direct sun.
  • Aperture-priority mode for a change.  Just set the -1 compensation to avoid blow outs.
  • Shooting from the hip.  With the camera on my neck I can talk on the phone and use thumb to shoot "from the hip".
  • Sit (or stand) and they will come.  I picked a location with good light (dark background and a spot of sun in front of it) and just stood there.  Worked well.

What did not work:
  • My attempts to shoot video using D600.  I clearly need to put more planning and effort into it.  Need a stabilizer, tripod, etc - a very different genre from what I was doing.
I am fascinated by the city.  The people, the styles are so vibrant my mind has trouble sucking it all in.  Street photography tips were to the point as was Bob Aylott's advise. Oh, and I've got a free photo of myself well done!
Here is another in-depth report advocating from-the-hip shooting.  And the opposite side of spectrum.  How's that for creepy?

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