May 6, 2011

Event: Концерт Клуба Светлячок

This is a placeholder for the event pictures.  When these become available I will create an online gallery for you to enjoy.

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May 1, 2011

Flash Into the Sunset

Bay Area Strobist meetup at Alviso was a ton of fun despite the chilly weather.  We were lucky to catch two bikers who agreed to model for us.  What worked:
  • Single bare handheld SB800 flash on macho bikers with harsh low sun light.
  • Communication communication communication.
  • Post processing in dramatic fashion with use of gradient filters and heavy vignetting.
What I did wrong
  • Did not manage to underexpose the sky as I planned.  My plan to remedy this: (1) position model with sun to the side and NOT behind thus lowering sky intensity, (2) go faster than synch speed - use SB800 on a cord.
  • Could not keep up with fast changing lighting conditions
  • Should have keep shooting with sun below horizon - gave up too soon because of the freezing weather.