February 24, 2011

DIY: Wearable Flash Rig and Diffusion Panels

I just realized that I never properly documented any of my DIY projects - wearable flash rig, diffusion panel or light stand.  Consider this in place of a "proper" documentation.

I use a wearable flash rig to take photos in a bright sun and I built it specifically for Burning Man 2010.  It proved to be an awesome solution for fill flash in a bright desert sun.  Just put your subjects with their back to the sun,  "say I'm soooo cute" and press the shutter.  Majority of these photos were taken with this rig - Nikon D90 on-camera flash driving via CLS 2xSB600 flashes being controlled by TTL.  Manual control is also an option.   The rig is made of 1/2" schedule 40 PVC pipes and joints.  It is a great conversation starter but be careful if you decide to wear it in the club - please be gentle to your neighbors in crowded places.

After this post was published I found an even more grandiose approach to a moveable lighting rig: Human Light Suit.  Designed for exactly the same purpose, Eric Schwabel's rig can overpower the Burning Man sun!  And the catch-light is nothing short of amazing!

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  1. hi mate, i'd like to have a chat with you about this. you may be interested in what my thoughts are and the project i'm doing. please contact me via facebook, stu shapiro (b/w profile picture) or through my website

    great work!